Anistacia Barrak-Barber, a water sommelier, recently discovered the history of Excelsior Springs and traveled to Excelsior Springs from Colorado to explore. Anistacia fell in love with the Hall of Waters and our unique history. She prepared this video to promote fundraising efforts for the Hall of Waters.

Excelsior Springs Cultural Heritage Workshop sponsored by Missouri Humanities

Missouri Humanities held a Cultural Heritage Workshop in Excelsior Springs during April. The workshop featured a two-part presentation during the morning from Dr. Arthur Mehrhoff on “Place and Placemaking.” Check out Dr. Mehrhoff’s Water Links Library shared with Excelsior Springs!

Mineral Water Slide Presentation

During the afternoon, Friends of the Wells chairwoman and city councilwoman Sonya Morgan presented an “indoor” Walking Tour due to the inclement weather. FOTW’s slide presentation featured mineral water well sites and businesses associated with the mineral waters. Click here for slide presentation.

Who We Are

The Friends of the Wells (FOTW) is a non-profit to support the development of the historic well and spring sites in Excelsior Springs and to promote the tourist opportunities the sites afford local businesses by creating and strengthening the bond between the sites and the public in the region, by promoting community participation in the well and spring restoration and maintenance and by contributing resources as appropriate.

How You Can Help

Reviving Excelsior Springs’ mineral water heritage, our Cultural Renaissance through Mineral Water Restoration aims to restore historic wells, create a cultural district, and boost local arts. It includes testing the Lithia and Soda wells, establishing the Historic Wells District, and revitalizing the Hall of Waters as a multi-purpose museum and arts center. The project will foster cultural tourism, support local artists, and rekindle the town’s health tourism legacy.

Please join us in preserving our heritage by becoming a member, donating your time, or providing materials for reconstruction of selected gazebos and pagodas. Your donation will provide for restoration, educational signage, and continued maintenance.

Please donate in any amount that you can by using the convenient online donation button. For more information about the project, click here.

Funds donated as of April 8, 2024 are $8,242.32.

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