Honor Award Nomination

Osmund Overby Award Nominee Published Work:

America’s Haven of Health: Hydrotherapy and tourism at Excelsior Springs, Missouri, USA by Daniel E. Pierce, Anthony P. Farace, and Dana M. Lewis
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Further description of work:

Digging into the Dig: Daniel Pierce talks archaeology summer field school in Excelsior Springs – UMSL Daily – June 20, 2016

Student testimonial:

I think when a group of people are able to directly connect to their past through tangible evidence, they are able to better connect to each other and create a more united future together.

I thoroughly enjoyed integrating myself into the history of the entire town and learning about the local legends. I also enjoyed the fact that our instructor, Daniel (Pierce), asked for opinions about the site itself, regarding theories and hypotheses of what happened to the sites architecture. It was refreshing to see a professor collaborate with students about the research questions of the site.

The city, itself, is immensely full of fascinating history and the people of the area were so incredibly welcoming to a group of strangers. I feel lucky that so many people were happy to have us there.

The most memorable thing about the trip was seeing the staircase emerge right out of the earth. It was easy to imagine past people walking those steps years ago.

Amber Smith, Archaeology Lab Assistant


Kevin Morgan Photography